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All characters and other content in this publication are the property of their respective owners. No infringement intended.. A Dragon is coming to Mario Kart 8, and there are precious few details out there about it. That’s bad news for fans of course, but good news for Mario Kart 8 ’s programmers, as the complexity of Mario Kart’s physics engine makes it a difficult monster to tame. According to Nintendo of America producer Tom Hardin, the new rider will work like the other vehicles, with players first taking control of the kart using the D-pad. Only after that can they press the ‘A’ button and drag their way toward the new competitor. The new player will take a longer time to get going, however, as it’ll require new karts to be manufactured and added to the game. Fortunately, the more powerful they are, the more they’ll cost the player, ensuring that we’ll be able to get plenty of use out of them. Players will be able to use the new characters in a new multiplayer mode as well, one that Nintendo of America producer Tom Hardin says has “a bunch of deep details”. We’ll be sure to keep you up to date with all the new developments in the coming weeks, but for now, here are our thoughts on the first details that have emerged about the new character. Your first glimpse of the new rider will come in the form of a billboard, which will appear when you come across a free-roaming, in-game ‘hint’. This billboard will feature Mario Kart 8 ’s new rider, or rather, it’ll feature a goateed raccoon, a familiar face in Mario Kart 8. Unlike the four Mario characters that we’ve seen so far, the goateed raccoon looks to be an older version of the character, as it’s covered in thick fur. The raccoon is also wearing a cap, which is a welcome addition. Like so many of Mario Kart 8 ’s other characters, the raccoon has a ‘9’ painted on its back, indicating that this is the ninth, and presumably final, new character. Named “Rasta,” the goateed raccoon is one of the most popular new characters in Mario Kart 8. By far. We can’t know how far ahead this game was produced before




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